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Real World Austin [30 Jun 2005|02:07pm]

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[19 Dec 2004|10:15am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

For all you Real Worlders, come join The Real World Philadelphia Online Community.

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Question... [27 Oct 2004|09:57pm]

I missed the end of the episode so I missed the preview for next week. Can anyone tell me when it'll be on again, or just let me know what's going on. THANKS!!!

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SPEAK REALITY [24 Oct 2004|10:43am]

come join the newest reality TV forum!! it's awesome! tons of fun and great members!
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[12 Aug 2004|04:53pm]

Hey! i just moved to southern florida and i went to my new school to get my books. While i was sitting down waiting for my number to be called, i saw a girl that looked EXACTLY like Ibis! but i was like oh it can't be her, shes too young. then when she was sitting behind me, i overheard her talking on her cell, she said something like "Ibis do you still have your spanish 3 book?" so i was like omg that must be her sister. then some girl asked her if her sister got kicked off RR last nite.

i just thought i'd share that. does anyone kno if she is from southern floria/miami/ft. lauderdale?? please comment if you kno! i'm pretty sure its her sis... but thanks anyway!!
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***spoiler!*** [09 Aug 2004|12:26am]
the final girl on the RR team is KINA from x-treme!!! :-D

and the last 5 girls are: ibis, ruthie, tina, arissa & coral (yuck whoral)
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RW RR SITE [08 Aug 2004|05:50pm]

GO THERE! its a great reality site focusing on RW & RR!!
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official bots2 spoiler (from tubescan 99% accurate source) [06 Aug 2004|12:33am]
So far confirmed castmembers are:


1. Abram
2. Mike (Miz)
3. Randy
4. Jacquese
5. Theo Vonk
6. Brad
7. (maybe another rr 13 guy)
8. Patrick
9. Derrick
10. Adam (RW Paris)
11. Steven (RW Vegas)
12. Frank (RW Vegas)
13. Ace
14. Chris (RR South Pacific)
15. Mark
16. Eric
17. Shane


1. Katie
2. Tonya
3. Veronica
4. Coral
5. Jisela
6. Sophia
7. Ruthie
8. Cameron
9. Robin
10. Ibis
11. Kina
12. Angela
13. Tina
14. Rachel (RR Campus Crawl)
15. Arissa
16. Aneesa (90% confirmed)

Extra info:

1. Blair and Steve (RR 10) will not be on this challenge, nor will Adam (RR10) because he decided to turn it down. Trishelle will also not be on this challenge.

2. When I asked why BMP wanted RR 10 girls Jisela, Sophia and Katie, I was told it was because they wanted Katie and Veronica because they made good ratings. They didn't care how many of the same castmembers were on the show.

3. Apparently, BMP got happy since the Gauntlet and Inferno were the 2 highest rated challenges, that they would like all those "rating-getters" to be on the next one, so that's why you see Veronica, Katie and Coral again.

4. The cast left today, July 12th to start filming this new challenge.

5. Apparently, each team has to have 9 RR girls and 9 RW girls and 9 RR boys and 9 RW boys.

6. Just got this info in a few minutes ago: "Did you know about the rules of the new challenge? Something like they have "leaders" and "followers" and if your team loses, then the followers have to vote on a leader to go home and if your team wins, the leaders vote on a follower to go home. Basically, your own team votes you off without the help of the other team. So that makes the whole "sabotaging the missions" thing a big possibility."

7. As of 7/22, I have received the following info: Adam (Paris) was voted off a few days ago. Steven voted off Abram. So far, there's been no drama between Veronica and Katie. They are all indeed staying on some desert ranch in the "middle of nowhere" and in one of the missions, the castmembers had to eat cow brains.

7A. I'm not sure if this was part of mission above, but apparently, some people had to eat c*ckroaches and worms too.

8. As of 7/28, they have just about reached the half way point of this challenge.

9. Rumor has it there's a good bond between Robin, Katie and Ibis.

10. As of today (8/4) there should be only 6 vs. 6 or 5. vs. 5.

11. Yesterday, Steven was voted off.

12. Apparently the guys are killing the girls in competition this year. I heard that up till the half way point, the girls had only won, one mission.

13. Some storylines that you might catch are:

A. Coral crying after Abe got voted off (they have been apparently dating/seeing eachother/bed buddies (whatever you wanna call it) for some time now.

B. Angela and Frank "talking" (I don't know how much of this relationship will show on tv, but they are indeed a couple now)

C. Katie and Mike talking about a drunken kiss they once had. (I bet they'll blow that up into a story, post-production!)

D. Brad hooks up with someone...not Cameren...I forgot who.

E. Alliances between Coral, Rachel and Veronica and another alliance between Katie, Sophia, Ibis, Robin and Ruthie (maybe one other person involved...I forgot).

14. I believe a couple of days ago, Tonya got the boot, but don't hold me to that 100%

15. The guy's villa and the girl's villa were so far apart, that they had to use golf carts to go to each other's villas. This is why this challenge might not be so exciting or high in ratings (I'm told) because there wasn't much interaction, the guys always won missions, and there was hardly any drama because some people, like Veronica, wants to clean up her act after the past couple of challenges and the way she was portrayed in it.

16. I hear that Angela is like the Katie of the Inferno.

17. Veronica throws a fit or gets really upset when her friend Rachel gets kicked off.

18. I was mislead on how this game works (which I should have never believed a castmember who wasn't there..but instead asked someone who WAS there)....there are no leaders/followers nor is there a scoreboard. After they announce what the mission is, 3 people from both teams volunteer to be a "leader" (which isn't really called a leader...there's another name for it, but I forgot and there is no limit/minimum to how many times you do this throught the challenge) and basically...if you're a "leader" and your team wins...the 3 of you can vote off ANYONE on your team. If you lose the mission, the rest of the team has to vote off one of the 3 "leaders" (see? there is no bottom people/followers)

19. I was told that one of the people (not sure if this person was from the Blog or if this was just some random fan) was seen in the girl's kitchen and when approached by a castmember, this girl asked for an Icee (which sponsors this challenge)...can you believe she had the nerve to sneek into someone's kitchen and then ask for a drink? Crazy I tell ya!

20. I heard that Steven could have made it to the final 3 (because he's that good to make it that far) if he didn't "beat up" Shane. (That's a story in the making!) LOL

21. Wanna laugh? Either a golf cart was taken away for this or she was pulled over/called out for it...but Veronica got caught driving drunk in a golf cart! LOL

22. Just to let your minds ponder, I'll leave you with some clues about an interesting hookup:

A. They are both blonde.

B. They are from 2 different shows.

C. They are playing on different teams and I won't say if these individuals are still there or have been voted off by now.

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road rules & reality [04 Aug 2004|05:16pm]
anyone watch road rules? that sucks kina is gone... totally not fair at all. jodi deserved to go...

did you see the reality tv awards? i bet they paid veronica and katie to kiss and act all happy and like friends!! mike look good :-D
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BOTS 2 **SPOILER** [26 Jul 2004|07:07pm]
i was told by a reliable source who the last 14 people on each team are, dont read it if you don't want to know!!

Robin (San Diego)
Ibis (Xtreme)
Arissa (Las Vegas)
Tina (South Pacific)
Tonya (Chicago)
Coral (Back to New York)
Ruthie (Hawaii)
Brad (San Diego)
Steven (Las Vegas)
Shane (Campus Crawl)
Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Dan (Northern Trail)
Eric (New York)
Mark (Season 1)

also, i was told that Jisela backed out and Angela from RR13 is her replacement. still, it's not known who the last female roadie is on BOTS--rumored to be Kina.

Here is some other info on who leaves BOTS 2:

At one point, practically the entire girls team was either bisexual or lesbian.
Jacquese, Cameran, Ace, Katie, Adam, Frank, and Abram all 100% confirmed eliminated. That sucks, i really like Cammie & Abe.

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Hi everyone.. [01 Aug 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

I just joined. I started watching Real World when they Hawaii season started. After that, I went back and watched some of the old seasons like Boston, Miami, and Seattle. The first Road Rules season I watched was Semester at Sea, and I actually like Veronica, unlike most people. Well, that's about it.

Btw, I'd like to make some LJ friends, so you can add me if you'd like and I'll do the same.


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[31 Jul 2004|12:39pm]
hey guys im new to this community and i LOVE rw and rr. im a bigger fan of road rules though...dont ask why.

i hated how they made us wait till next monday to see who would get voted off...but something is telling me its derrick. because it showed him being like 'FUCK OFF' and all that plus all the interviews were from everone BUT him...i hope its not him, i hope it's jodi because she deserves to get voted off. comment if you beg to differ.

<3 Teresa
p.s. add me :-)
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[27 Jul 2004|07:23am]

Hey Guys,
I am new to this community. I love Real world and Road rules. I was wondering if anyone knows who is getting voted off next week in road rules? I really hope its Jodie because I dont like her at all.

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*new* [24 Jul 2004|03:25pm]

[ mood | busy ]

hey! i just joined this community! i absolutely love real world and road rules. i have to say rw san diego was like the first season that i never wanted to miss an episode. it didn't bore me very much like ones in the past have. and i'm a die hard rr fan. i watch every episode. this season is okay, not the greatest but its still pretty good. but i have to say i love the challenges the most. i'm really excited to hear about the next BOTS! i'm really glad they're doing another one!

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ALMOST COMPLETE LIST (-1) [21 Jul 2004|06:21pm]
the complete bots2 cast list is here, except for one missing person on the girls team (rumored to be Kina possibly?)

Boys Team:
Brad (San Diego)
Jacquese (San Diego)
Randy (San Diego)
Ace (Paris)
Adam (Paris)
Frank (Las Vegas)
Steven (Las Vegas)
Mike (Back to New York)
Eric (New York)
Derrick (Xtreme)
Patrick (Xtreme)
Abram (South Pacific)
Chris (South Pacific)
Shane (Campus Crawl)
Darrell (Campus Crawl)
Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Dan (Northern Trail)
Mark (USA Tour 1)

Girls Team:
Cameran (San Diego)
Robin (San Diego)
Arissa (Las Vegas)
Tonya (Chicago)
Aneesa (Chicago)
Coral (Back to New York)
Ruthie (Hawaii)
Genesis (Boston)
Beth S. (Los Angeles)
Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Jisela (The Quest)
Sophia (The Quest)
Katie (The Quest)
Tina (South Pacific)
Ayanna (Semester At Sea)
Veronica (Semester At Sea)
Ibis (xtreme)
Remaining Road Ruler
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[20 Jul 2004|12:40am]

Hey everyone, I am a huge fan of Real World and Road Rules. I LOVED San Diego. It was my favorite season by far. Road Rules XTREME isn't doing it for me..I dunno. The cast members are kinda boring. Maybe it'll pick up as the season progresses.

What has been your favorite season of Road Rules and Real World?

Have a great day!
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*updated bots2 list* [15 Jul 2004|09:54pm]
ibis & patrick have been added to the list


1.Mike- rw10 back to new york
2.randy= rw14 san diego
3.brad= rw14 san diego
4.jacquese= rw14 san diego
5.adam= rw13 paris
6.frank= rw 12 las vegas
7.steven=rw12 las vegas
8.eric=rw1 new york
9.-real world-
10. Abram=rr12 southpacific
11.Theo=rr9 maximum velocity tour
12. Derrick=rr13 xtreme
13. patrick=rr 13 xtreme
14. (maybe a rr 13 guy)
15.(possibly chris-rr12)
16.darrell=rr11 campus crawl
17.mark=rr 1 usa
18.-road rules-


1.tonya= rw11 chicago
2.coral= rw10 back to new york
3.ruthie= rw8 hawaii
4.cameran= rw14 san diego
5.robin= rw14 san diego
6.-real world-
7.-real world-
8.-real world-
9.-real world-
10.katie= rr10 the quest
11.Veronica= rr8 semester at sea
12.jisela= rr10 the quest
13.sophia=rr10 the quest
14.rachel=rr11 campus crawl
15.ibis= rr13 xtreme
16. (maybe a rr 13 girl)
17. (maybe a rr 13 girl)
18. -road rules-

*bots 2 is filming now and should air shortly after RR xtreme ends*
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SPOILER-**ROAD RULES X-TREME** [15 Jul 2004|06:14pm]
Recently read on the Blog, 3 roadies will be going home total. The replacements are Nick, Angela and Jillian. I believe that Jillian is the last replacement to come on the show. This mean only one of the original girls will survive, i'm praying that its' Ibis or Kina.

Here's the proof about the replacements:


and This is Nick, he is the guy replacing Danny next week.

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RW Philly [15 Jul 2004|06:05pm]
Season 15 is still filming, check out the official website, it's not finished, but you can watch the Philly house live on the webcam and see cast members go by.


i believe Season 15 will be airing around September and BOTS will air whenever RR Xtreme is over.

also check out http://rw15.com/phpbb/

they have pictures of rumored cast members and the house.
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[09 Jul 2004|08:25pm]

when will the new real world philly start? and the battle of the sexes 2..when well that start?
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